Less 'Splaining, More Listening

by Gold Dust

by Gold Dust

My words are in short supply this morning.  Thankfully, my brushes seemed happy to pick up the slack.  Still reflecting on my run-in with a woman-splainer last week.  Unsolicited advice is annoying regardless of offender's gender.  Yet, the more I flex this muscle of speaking my truth, the probability of me being the 'splainer (vs. the 'splainee) increases. 

While I reflect on what the dividing line looks like in my own life, I'm trying to keep my eyes and ears open for the people and situations where I'm "on a mission" or "on autopilot".  Those seem to be the two ends of the spectrum where I'm at greatest risk of not allowing any new information into the mix, either because I've constructed an impenetrable wall, or because I'm so disconnected from the situation at hand that new data points can get in, but have no place land.

Stay tuned, my loves.  More will be revealed.

Xo, Gold Dust